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Ambivision – two sides of your story

Ambivision is the business name of designer Otto Kronstedt, who specializes in ambigrams. Ambivision also does traditional logo design. Now, you might ask…

What is an ambigram?

The perhaps most typical example of an ambigram is that ‘transforms’  into another words when you turn it upside down. This is called a rotational ambigram. In the example below, the name of the bride ‘Ingrid’ transforms into the name of the groom ‘Pieter’. Other types of ambigrams include the mirror ambigram and the contrast ambigram, both of which are presented in the Gallery.

An ambigram is the perfect way to tell two sides of your story. Ambigrams often serve as centerpiece symbols for special occasions such as weddings or corporate events, as inscriptions in everyday items or jewelry, as tattoo designs and as interior design elements. Ambivision is proud to provide you with custom designed, hand made ambigrams using a style of your choosing, with personal service in English. May the pieces on this site serve as your inspiration. Explore and enjoy!

Fares and order practices
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