• Fantasy | Reality

    Fantasy | Reality

    Fantasy / Reality, rotational ambigram. Inspired by the film A Beautiful Mind. I was blown away …

  • Zen


    Zen, spinonym. A spinonym is a word where every character is the same shape with varying …

  • Womb


    Womb, rotational ambigram. A concept I bumped into in my therapy, when describing environments taking care …

  • Utopia


    Utopia, rotational ambigram. A literal translation of Utopia is “nowhere”, or Neverland. The very word itself …

  • Father | Son | Spirit

    Father | Son | Spirit

    Father / Son / Spirit, three-way ambigram. A concept I meditated on with my vicar, when pondering …

  • Travel | Light

    Travel | Light

    Travel / Light, lake reflection ambigram. A truism in both practicality and metaphor, and yet so …

  • Technology


    Technology, rotational ambigram. This piece is particularly interesting to me because of the solution of the …

  • Suomi | Finland

    Suomi | Finland

    Suomi / Finland, rotational ambigram, my Home country in it’s (and my) native languages Finnish and …

  • Stardust


    Stardust, rotational ambigram. Inspired by lectures on cosmology by professor Lawrence Krauss and the TV show …

  • Peter Pan

    Peter Pan

    Peter Pan, perceptual shift / oscillation ambigram. Inspired by lectures of psychology by Jordan B. Peterson …

  • Perfect Human

    Perfect Human

    Perfect Human, entry to the Mythical Creatures themed ambigram tournament by Ambigram Magazine. This piece actually …

  • Paradis | Helvete

    Paradis | Helvete

    Paradis / Helvete, Swedish for Paradise / Hell. Inspired by debates on religious topics.

  • Master | Slave

    Master | Slave

    Master / Slave, 90 degree rotational ambigram. Inspired by debates on the notion of free will …

  • Lucifer | Satan

    Lucifer | Satan

    Lucifer / Satan, inspired by the “Lucifer Effect” phenomenon detected in the Stanford Prison Experiment by …

  • Knowledge | Power

    Knowledge | Power

    Knowledge / Power, my first entry in the Facebook group Fellow Ambigrammists. This word pair was …

  • Justice


    Justice, mirror ambigram. Inspired by the balance scale.

  • Jekyll | Hyde

    Jekyll | Hyde

    Jekyll / Hyde, mirror ambigram. Inspired by scratch marks I saw somewhere, where I realized this …

  • Give | Receive

    Give | Receive

    Give / Receive, perceptual shift or oscillation ambigram. Entry to the duality themed ambigram tournament by …

  • Gigolo


    Gigolo, rotational ambigram. Inspired by the song “I’m just a gigolo”. My friends and family pointed …

  • Faith | Hope | Love

    Faith | Hope | Love

    Faith / Hope / Love, three-way ambigram. The fourth figure bares no intended meaning, though some …

  • Einstein


    Einstein, spinonym (no ambigram). A spinonym is a word were each character (apart from the i …

  • Categorical Imperative

    Categorical Imperative

    Categorical Imperative, entry to philosophy themed ambigram tournament by Ambigram Magazine. No medal awarded in tournament, …

  • Blood | Sweat | Tears

    Blood | Sweat | Tears

    Blood / Sweat / Tears, three-way ambigram. One of my most ambitious pieces, took quite a …

  • Black | White

    Black | White

    Black / White, contrast ambigram. I was inspired by an inkblot I saw somewhere, and realized …

  • Beauty | Beast

    Beauty | Beast

    Beauty / Beast, perceptual shift or oscillation ambigram. This piece won second place in the monthly …

  • Balance | Harmony

    Balance | Harmony

    Balance / Harmony, rotation ambigram, to be woven into a rug.

  • Angel | Demon

    Angel | Demon

    Angel / Demon, lake reflection ambigram.

  • Earth | Air | Fire | Water

    Earth | Air | Fire | Water

    Earth, Air, Fire, Water, four-way ambigram. My most ambitious and difficult piece yet, an earlier version …

  • Felicia & Benjamin

    Felicia & Benjamin

    A gift for the parents of my daughter’s pre-school friend, displaying the names of this friend …

  • Kronstedt Consulting

    Kronstedt Consulting

    Kronstedt reflected into Consulting.

  • Taina | Jari

    Taina | Jari

    Our farewell gift to our former neighbors; their given names engraved as an ambigram into a …

  • Moilanen


    A Christmas gift for our neighbours.

  • Rautemaa | Juntunen

    Rautemaa | Juntunen

    A gift for our neighbours, where all but one of the family members carry the name …

  • Elina


    A token of appreciation I made for my daughter’s dance teacher, where many of the students’ …

  • Wendell  |  Tiainen

    Wendell | Tiainen

  • Kontio


    This piece I made as a gift for my colleague when he moved, his family name …

  • Tanja | Pekka

    Tanja | Pekka

    A piece I made as a wedding gift for my friends Tanja and Pekka, engraved in …

  • Salokorpi | Leponiemi

    Salokorpi | Leponiemi

    A piece I made as a gift for my wife’s aunt and her husband, displaying each …

  • Outi | Antti

    Outi | Antti

    A piece I made as a gift for our almost-neighbours Outi and Antti. Engraved in a …

  • Katharina | Christian

    Katharina | Christian

    A piece I made as a gift for Katharina and Christian, engraved in an aluminum wallet …

  • E & J

    E & J

    This piece I made as a birthday gift for my parents-in-law. A coat of arms bearing …

  • Hällan 100

    Hällan 100

    This piece is the name and age of the residence of the recipients, engraved by laser …

  • Moring


    An ambigram of my mother’s surname, commissioned by my grandmother, engraved on aluminum wallets and presented …

  • Windbird  |  Newborn

    Windbird | Newborn

    A piece ordered as an alternative logo for the band Windbird, rebirth being one of their …

  • IRIS


    IRIS is a program the Finnish energy company Fortum developed to manage heat maps. The logo …

  • Ylonz


    Ylonz is the beer-orientation event organized for students by students in the Helsinki area, as a …

  • LRG – Logistics Research Group

    LRG – Logistics Research Group

    The Logistics Research Group at the Aalto University approached me and asked me to design a …

  • Marko & Johanna

    Marko & Johanna

    Johanna ordered this piece as a design for a tiepin, to be the first wedding gift …

  • Fuck Regular Life

    Fuck Regular Life

    This piece was ordered as a large-scale tattoo to be placed on the upper back.

  • Disa | Niko

    Disa | Niko

    Disa ordered this piece for her and Niko’s wedding.

  • Ylva & Marcus

    Ylva & Marcus

    This piece I made as a wedding gift for my friends Ylva and Marcus.

  • Victoria | Daniel

    Victoria | Daniel

    As a joint showcase, the printing company Tetrix (www.tetrix.fi) and I decided to make a set …

  • Maria | Pertti

    Maria | Pertti

    This design was ordered as a wedding gift for Maria and Pertti, printed on a pair …

  • Muay Thai

    Muay Thai

    When a friend of mine developed an interest for Muay Thai, she ordered this piece as …

  • Wilma | Teemu

    Wilma | Teemu

    Wilma’s and Teemu’s mother aordered this deisgn as a tattoo design to be portrayed on her …

  • Isaks Loft

    Isaks Loft

    My friend Isak approached me and asked me to create a logo for his one-man lathe …

  • Huisku | Jaakko

    Huisku | Jaakko

    A wedding gift my colleague ordered for his friends Julia “Huisku” and Jaakko. I suggested a …

  • Johanna & Markus

    Johanna & Markus

    Johanna and Markus order this ambigram of their names as a centerpiece symbol for their wedding, …

  • Marina | Gunnar

    Marina | Gunnar

    This mirror ambigram was ordered as a tattoo design, by the daughter of Marina and Gunnar.

  • Mirjami & Panu

    Mirjami & Panu

    Mirjami and Panu ordered an ambigram of their names as a centerpiece symbol for their wedding, …

  • T & P

    T & P

    This piece was ordered to appear in the TV-series Kuninkaalliset Häät (A Royal Wedding), to an …

  • Teknologföreningen | 136

    Teknologföreningen | 136

    Teknologföreningen holds the numbers ’136′ hidden in some of its negative spaces. Ordered for the 136.anniversary …

  • Elisa & Kristian | Wickström

    Elisa & Kristian | Wickström

    This piece was order by the producers of the Finnish TV-show Kunikaalliset Häät (A Royal Wedding), …

  • Sandra | Kristian

    Sandra | Kristian

    Sandra and Kristian ordered an ambigram as the centerpiece symbol for their wedding, to be printed …

  • Ritva | Kuuki

    Ritva | Kuuki

    Ritva ordered an ambigram to be made into a bracelet, as a wedding anniversary gift for …

  • Tira | Reko

    Tira | Reko

    This ambigram was ordered by Tira’s and Reko’s mother, to be made into a bracelet as …

  • Tiina & Arri  |  Niemenmaa

    Tiina & Arri | Niemenmaa

    When asked about a style or theme, Tiina and Arri told me they very much enjoy …

  • Heidi & Michael  |  Rosenholm

    Heidi & Michael | Rosenholm

    Heidi and Michael are big fans of the movie series Lord of the Rings, and wanted …

  • Chen Wang

    Chen Wang

    This piece was ordered by my former boss, to be made into a bracelet, for our …

  • Merja | Tatu

    Merja | Tatu

    “Absolutely fabulous work! Many thanks!”

  • Katri & Ari

    Katri & Ari

    I designed this piece as a wedding gift for my friends, printed on a serving trey. …

  • Christel & Miikka

    Christel & Miikka

    Christel and Miikka ordered an ambigram for all of their wedding graphics, including ‘Save the date’-notes, …

  • Viivi & Konsta

    Viivi & Konsta

    The father of Viivi and Konsta ordered this piece as a tattoo design on his arm …

  • TF135 | ♥♣♠♦

    TF135 | ♥♣♠♦

    When my student union Teknologföreningen (TF) turned 135, I was asked to produce a logo design …

  • Kuningatar | Drottning

    Kuningatar | Drottning

    To my darling Queen, shifting from Finnish ‘Kuningatar’ to Swedish ‘Drottning’, to speak both of our …

  • Torp & Nissinen

    Torp & Nissinen

    The Torp / Nissinen couple ordered this piece to be made into a door sign.

  • Sigbrit 85 år

    Sigbrit 85 år

    MY grandmother ordered this piece to be printed on a serving trey, as a gift for …

  • Lena & Christian

    Lena & Christian

    When my close friends Lena and christian got married, they asked me to design an ambigram …

  • Ingrid | Pieter

    Ingrid | Pieter

    Ingrid and Pieter are, besides life partners, also business partners. They wanted a mutual business card, …

  • Ville & Riitta

    Ville & Riitta

    Ville and Riitta, my friends via my wife to be, received this piece from me as …

  • Silfver


    Cecilia’s and Saku’s mutual first name became Silfver once they got married, and so they wanted …

  • Salokorpi


    My in-laws, the Salokorpi family, received copies of this chandelier, displaying a mirror-ambigram of the family …

  • TF137 | Pirat

    TF137 | Pirat

    When my student nation Teknologföreningen (TF) had its 137. anniversary celebration, the theme of the party …

  • Virpi & Juhani

    Virpi & Juhani

    Virpi and Juhani are tall, well-groomed people with excellent drive and posture. So when they got …

  • Teknologföreningen


    This piece of Teknologföreningen, my student nation was constructed as part of the interior design of …

  • Farmor | Katharina

    Farmor | Katharina

    This piece was ordered by my Grandma as a birthday gift for my Mother, right after …

  • Aavakoski | Leena & Risto

    Aavakoski | Leena & Risto

    This customer had a splendid new idea; embroiding or printing an ambigram on a table cloth. …

  • TF139 | TFlyg

    TF139 | TFlyg

    And we’re to the anniversaries of my student nation Teknologföreningen (TF), this time the 139. celebration. …

  • Cawl


    So my friend told me they wanted a real logo for their band. Of course I …

  • Ruusu | Julius

    Ruusu | Julius

    This ‘Ruusu / Julius’ ambigram was a token of appreciation I designed for my former colleague, …

  • Janina | Mikael

    Janina | Mikael

    Mikael once did me a huge favor and helped me weld the Salokorpi chandelier, so I …

  • Maisteri | Pirttimäki

    Maisteri | Pirttimäki

    My friend graduated as a Master of Science, and this ambigram was my gift to her. …

  • Six Minutes

    Six Minutes

    Yes, a band logo once again. A friend of mine decided to get more organized with …

  • Cecilia & Saku

    Cecilia & Saku

    This one was quite interesting; once commishened by Cecilia for her and Saku’s wedding graphics, I …

  • Ojapalo


    A piece I designed for my friend, as a token of thanks for his help with …

  • Törmanen


    This piece came so naturally I just had to allow it to materialize. My former webmaster …

  • Alvarez  |  Kiviranta

    Alvarez | Kiviranta

    One of my bicultural, bilingual customer couples’ brides ordered this as a 10-year wedding anniversary gift …

  • Siri & Sippo  |  Seppi

    Siri & Sippo | Seppi

    Now this piece was a heavy-duty challenge. when Siri made the preliminary order for her wedding, …

  • Wendell | Tiainen

    Wendell | Tiainen

    As a house-warming gift for a couple of my friends, I combined their family names and …

  • Loitto | Touch

    Loitto | Touch

    One of my friends helped me set up my first AmbiVision web page, and in exchange …

  • Zorro


    No ambigram here. This piece was my entry in a logo competition for a musical interactive …

  • Sven & Birgitta

    Sven & Birgitta

    How are you supposed to feel when the solution you came up with in minutes beats …

  • Tervetuloa | Välkommen

    Tervetuloa | Välkommen

    This piece was also finished just in time for the 139. anniversary of my student nation …

  • Roope | Petteri

    Roope | Petteri

    I’d like to claim this to be my first wedding ambigram for a sexual minority couple, …

  • Marja | Ville

    Marja | Ville

    My wedding gift to our friends Marja and Ville. A rotational ambigram was of course my …

  • Oana | Tero

    Oana | Tero

    A Romanian-Finnish ambigram, ordered by Tero as a gift for his fiancé.

  • Cindy & Joonas

    Cindy & Joonas

    A house-warming gift for Cindy and Joonas, ordered by Cindy’s sister Cilla.

  • Blomberg


    My student buddy helped me out with a number of things during our studies, so I …

  • AlphaDox


    Originally ordered and intended as a logo for a kennel named AlphaDox, the kennel was bought …

  • Kesäpäivä


    This piece was ordered by the arrangers of a summer recreation event for my previous employer, …

  • Filosofi | Saarinen

    Filosofi | Saarinen

    The Finnish philosopher, Esa Saarinen, was electrified by an ambigram sketch I showed him, and straight …

  • Anna & Kalle

    Anna & Kalle

    Anna’s and Kalle’s mother ordered this piece as a tattoo design, to be a birthady gift …

  • Elina | Joni

    Elina | Joni

    My wedding gift for my friends Elina and Joni. To be made into a door sign.